Recent News:

Hi-Nets to launch Outdoor practice net system 10/01/2003
After significant development Hi-Nets are ready to launch their Outdoor practice nets product, including a revolutionary steel frame system. To move away from the traditional scaffolding type frameworks Hi-Nets has developed a specific steel frame to hang the practice nets from.

Dave Weeks, Site/Product Development Manager said "This marks an exciting time in AJW's history. We are taking a revolutionary new product to the traditional practice net market - it creates an opportunity for the golfing industry to modernise their facilities by creating a more aesthetically pleasing environment as well as creating a safer environment to hit balls in with a longer product life."

AJW secures UK maintenance contract for Enclose Limited 20/12/2002
AJW Construction has just secured the contract for the maintenance and movement of systems for Enclose Limited ("Enclose"). Enclose has recently launched a revolutionary approach to landfill netting, by providing a mobile system that significantly reduces costs to landfill operators.

Andrew Weeks, Managing Director of AJW Construction, said "AJW has been awarded the prestigious Enclose contract as a result of our professional approach and track record in the leisure and fixed landfill netting systems. We are looking forward to working closely with Enclose and are excited about the long term future of Enclose's products."

Click here to see the Enclose web site.

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