Hi-Nets uses certified structural engineers to help with the design and to underwrite our systems.

When AJW Construction became involved in the sports netting industry it was obvious that there was a huge need for dedicated and specific products and systems. Firms at the time were applying traditional fencing systems and methods. This meant that there were quite low technical capabilities of the fences and when these were exceeded, it has resulted in a number of instances of product failure. Additionally, wear and tear with materials was high, specifically with the nets and cable leading to premature replacement. 

It appears that there has been negligible investment in sorting out the fundamental design shortfalls of existing fence systems when applied to the sports netting industry. Hi-Nets employed structural engineers, to supplement their extensive experience/expertise, to help address the specific needs of the sport netting industry. Hi-Nets embarked on an extensive development program to meet the requirements of high, exposed and extensive netting that is typical in an installation. Our systems have pushed the design envelope in the industry, are underwritten and have withstood the severe storms of recent years.

We are now, more and more, being employed to resolve issues created by traditional fencing methods and systems. 

What all this has resulted in is a series of flexible solutions that are easily tailored to a specific clients needs. Where the client has a particular requirement, Hi-Nets has consistently innovated practical solutions to ensure that the clients needs are met.


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