After realising the need for specific products in the Landfill Netting industry and drawing on the expertise gained from other areas of operation within AJW it seemed only natural to extended the business to Landfill Netting.

We can now offer effective and efficient fencing netting containment systems and enclosures which are designed to meet the specific needs of landfill sites and to stand up to the rigors of operating a landfill site. 

  • AJW has a range of designs that are tailored to specific landfill sites and don't sell one system and try to apply it to all situations - the best solution for the individual client.
  • AJW has a number of tried and tested solutions successfully working throughout the UK.
  • We employ certified structural engineers to design the systems and these designs are underwritten;
  • Expertise - all employees are specialists in their field;
  • Experience - We have applied our experience from other netting sectors;
  • Professionalism - design, installation are carried out by our professional staff and team of engineers;
  • Fully trained, professional workforce with low staff turnover;
  • Relationship - we believe that our success owes a lot to the close professional relationship we develop with our clients. This includes our clients in the process;
  • Service to the client - we always ring back promptly and follow up enquiries;
  • Heavy investment in research and development (focused on design/innovation);
  • Quality control over manufacturer of the components (steelwork, netting, cables);
  • Reliability and flexibility to meet individual needs.



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