Suspension Netting

  • Designed for open ground use.
  • Up to 25m high
  • Post spacing from 30-70m apart
  • Handles high and low impact ball stop netting

Advantages of this system includes:

  • Aesthetically more pleasing
  • Less ground disturbance
  • More cost effective
  • Significantly decreases net wear
  • Easier and quicker to install

Pulley System

Designed on the suspension system this system allows easy installation and maintenance to be performed from the ground.

Basic Tower System

  • Designed for use next to woodlands, obstacles etc
  • Up to 20m high
  • Post spacing up to 20m apart
  • Handles high and low impact ball stop netting

Advantages of this system

  • Enables netting to be situated close to obstacles/woodlands etc without the possibility of the nets fouling on these.

Netting Specifications 

Available for all the above systems in a variety of colours:

Standard boundary netting:

  • Polyethylene 12/6 construction, 28 mm knotted mesh
  • Polyethylene 15/9 construction, 28mm mesh

High Impact ball stop netting:

  • Nylon 22 mm 210/36, Acrylic coated finish
  • Nylon 19mm 210/36, Acrylic coated finish

The nets described above have been selected through the experience gained after gained from 15 years of supplying and installing ball stop netting. Additionally, the contacts and relationship that has been developed with the netting suppliers has meant that they now provide netting to our specific requirements which include:

  • Extra UV stabiliser
  • Rope stitched in to the net where ever the net comes into contact with cables supports or steelwork, to reduce premature net tear.
  • Low wind profile netting (to reduce loadings on the structure).


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